Here’s a few of my favourite travel blogs, that continue to inspire me when the news gets too depressing:

The Everywhereist – Geraldine is my ultimate favourite story teller. After losing her job she decided to follow her husband on his work travels and write about it… that, and eat cupcakes. Travel blogging at its best.

Through Strange Lenses – Jimmy is one of those rare photographers who is almost as wonderful with words as he is with the camera… He uses HDR processing on his stunning snaps, you’ll love it or hate it, I obviously fall into the former category.

This Lean Journey – Rachel (wife of Jimmy above) is the one who keeps me motivated to exercise while on the road, she has helpful workout routines plus easy travelling recipes.

Silky Stories – Matty’s blog… Which is infinitely funnier and more amusing than mine, but don’t believe a word he says about me, it’s all lies.

As the Bird Flies – Frankie is a Londoner who flew the nest to travel… I love where she flies and how she tells it.

Sarah Matthews – Sarah writes mouth wateringly good food reviews and spins great travel tales from the land of Nottingham, England. Plus she’s my friend and I miss her.

Bruised Passports is my latest discovery – An amazing blog that blends the best of travel, fashion and photography. I want to be Savi.

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