Our Travel Quotes

As we journey across Central Asia, from Turkey to China, our best, worst and truly terrible travel quotes will be collected here for the world to see.

Matty, seconds before falling down a massive hole: “There’s scant regard for health and safety round here.” 27/05/2013 Dilijan, Armenia.

“Donagh? Like a massive prima-dona?” Tessa, a German girl, trying to get her head around being introduced to the Mongoose. 25/05/2013 Yerevan, Armenia.

Matty after posting the HUGE camera bag home: “It was liking sending my unwanted ginger step-child off to boarding school… Expensive but worth it.” 24/05/2013 Yerevan, Armenia.

Delia, upon waking up in a hostel and reflecting on the behaviour of the previous night: “It was 4am in the hostel and we were behaving like it was the middle of the day.” 16/05/2013, Tbilisi, Georgia.

The Mongoose, in justifying plans to skip the very scenic Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan due to visa restrictions: “By that point we’ll be off our f**king tits on amazing scenery.” 07/05/2013, Kars, Turkey.

The Mongoose, after spending a morning elbowing queue-jumpers in a bid to get on a bus after a sleepless train ride: “The queue is one of society’s great levellers.” 30/04/2013 – Istanbul, Turkey.

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