A Video of a Silk Road journey: The tale of the Three-Must-Have-A-Beers

Matty has made a video of our trip so far… It’s been on his website for a little while now but I wanted to share it with those of you who don’t follow him too. So, without further ado, in the words of Matty himself…

Here it is. The ups and downs of the last three months have finally been cobbled together into 3.5 minutes of celluloid gold.

It’s been gritty.
It’s been emotional.
But it has, quite simply, been the time of our lives.

4 thoughts on “A Video of a Silk Road journey: The tale of the Three-Must-Have-A-Beers

  1. Hi Delia,

    Sally here from the good old days at the Nottingham Post! You can guess who gave me the link to your blog (at Mouchel!), and boy am I glad she did! It is absolutely fabulous. You should really turn this into a book. Love the video too; brought back memories of my six months volunteering in South Africa. I am very envious of you.

    Anyway, I hope this works, as I’m not too familiar with actually leaving comments on websites!

    Keep on enjoying and treasuring the journey, and I will look forward to hearing when the book is coming out! I’ll be watching how your journey continues in the meantime.

    Take care,


    • Ahhh, Sally, so lovely to hear from you! I’m not sure about a book on this trip… Although it has fostered plenty of other ideas! In the meantime I shall keep posting my thoughts and meanderings.

      We’ll be in China this week, which feels quite mad when you think we’ve not caught a single plane! Looking forward to the food… And adventures ahead. I hope everything is going fabulously at Mouchel.

      Delia x

      PS when did you go to South Africa? Would love to hear more!

  2. Hi Delia,

    Just caught up on the last few posts of yer Silk Road Travels, I’m a friend of Donagh’s & have been following you guys from the start. I loved your blog, stunning photography & highly entertaining..some laugh out loud moments. Matty’s video is brilliant, a cool way to wrap it up for us followers, makes me want to wander.

    Thanks for the escapism over the last while. Best of luck on your new adventure 😉


    • Melissa, thank you for your lovely message – it’s very rewarding to hear that people are reading and enjoying our little blogs!I hope you stick with us for the next chapter – even if the Mongoose is taking a break from featuring in the tales! x

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